For the Love of Our Pets

Spring has sprung here in Montana. The weather is warming up, the trees have blossomed, and the wild flowers are in full bloom! Finally are able to escape quarantine and social distance into the woods with our little furry, four legged family. Getting outdoors and spending times in nature has so many wonderful benefits; from clearing the mind, stress relief, exercise, and learning appreciation for where we live and the beauty that surrounds us.

But with the beauty of spring also comes the dreaded tick. Ticks are most active from spring through the end of July. They are responsible for many diseases including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF), Lyme disease, rabbit fever and more. We as dog owners need to take precautions when letting our dogs roam free in the woods during these months and ourselves as well. Tick checks are a MUST if you have been out in woods for any length of time, hiking biking, camping, or engaging in any outdoor activities where you have been in the woods.

Ike, my most adventurous pup, (pictured right) came home with a tick yesterday. I immediately went for my bottle of our organic lavender oil. Lavender oil is a natural known bug repellent. I squeezed about 8 drops of oil right onto the tick and the area around it. Lavender oil encourages ticks let go and back out. I let the oil sit and soak in for about 30 seconds or so then grabbed my tweezers and gently pulled up and the tick came right out, with only a small piece of skin! I massaged the rest of the oil into his skin where the bite mark was as lavender oil has great healing properties and let Ike free.

Our 100% pure organic lavender oil is unadulterated, meaning we don’t cut it with any other oils or carrying agents. This is important because you need a pure oil if you are to use it on bugs and ticks to get the most benefits. I put our lavender oil straight on my dog and on the tick and it worked wonderfully. Another option would be to add 8-10 drops to their coat as you bathe them and let sit for 10 minutes before rinsing. This will leave them smelling wonderful to you and not great to fleas and ticks! You can also add a few drops of oil to their collar or bandana and reapply weekly. This may even help with doggy anxiety! Our organic lavender oil is also a very nice skin conditioner.

The Bottom line is, ticks happen! Checking your dogs for ticks after an outing should always be your first defense! And please be aware, not every remedy will work for every dog. Every doggy is different, just like we are as people. But if you are looking for natural prevention tips and tricks I highly recommend a bottle of our Pure Organic Lavender Oil to get you started!

We recommend testing a small spot on your pets skin to make sure there are no sensitivities to Lavender oil. As with people not every product is for every pet!

Stay Happy, Healthy, smelling wonderful and Don’t forget to check yourself as well!