Give you lips a gift with this soothing and hydrating lip scrub!


This delicious lip scrub is the perfect homemade beauty product. It helps to slough off dead and chapped skin and helps your lip balm absorb deeper into your lips leaving them feeling soft and luscious. This natural exfoliation produces supple, rosier, healthier Iips.  We use our Hitcote Pink variety of lavender oil in this recipe which makes for a sweeter, almost cotton candy like flavor!


Gently use this scrub once or twice a week. Add a small amount to your finger and massage over lips. Apply a rich lip balm afterward to keep your lips moisturized.


The best part about this product is that it is made from 100% organic, natural products and is safe for human consumption. ( although we suggest you use it as a scrub, and not a dessert! )

Lavender Lip Scrub

  • Organic cane sugar, Organic sweet almond oil, Organic lavender, and lavender honey

  • If you're not 100% satisfied we will refund you with no questions asked.