Be prepared to be wowed with this amazing all in one product!


Our certified organic lavender hydrosol is the co product that is produced when making our lavender essential oil.  With its disinfectant and antiseptic qualities, lavender hydrosol is our favorite product that can be used throughout house and home.  The scent has a more mild and earthy tone to it, separating it from the lavender oil scent.


We have a bottle of hydrosol in every room in our house! From a room spray, to pet deodorizer, to car interior cleaner, even a perfect facial toner, this product has more uses than you could imagine!


It makes a wonderful alternative household cleaner if you are looking to stay away from harsh chemicals, works wonders on stainless steel appliances, and cleans countertops like a charm!


Check out our Benefits page to read more our hydrosol and ways to use it!

Organic Lavender Hydrosol

  • 4oz, 16oz

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