Baths will move to the top of your priority list when you get a jar of our ahhh- mazing bathtub tea!


This soothing aromatic tub tea blends the subtle sweetness of chamomile and the intoxicating fragrance of lavender. Organic lavender buds and organic chamomile flowers along with our organic lavender essential oil make this tub tea luxurious and oh so relaxing. The addition of Sea salt and Epsom salt provide transdermal magnesium to help reduce inflammation and promote a restful night sleep. Organic powdered coconut milk turns your bath into a soft milk bath providing your skin with Vitamin C which helps helps to maintain elasticity and flexibility.


To Use: Scoop 1/4 of the tub tea into the muslin bag and toss into your bath water. Soak for 20 minutes and when finished, simply remove tea bag from the tub, and toss the used buds into the garbage. Rinse and dry bag to use again for your next luxurious bath.

Tub Tea

  • Epsom salt, Himalayan Sea Salt, Magnesium flakes, Organic powdered coconut milk, Organic Lavender buds, organic chamomile buds, organic lavender essential oil.

  • If you're not 100% satisfied we will refund you with no questions asked.