Dryer Balls (Set of 4)


Feel good about yourself when you ditch the harmful dryer sheets and make the switch to our wool dryer balls.



Throw out those wasteful dryer sheets and try our dryer balls! Made with 100% wool, our dryer balls are a much cheeper, and environmentally sustainable option. They can reduce drying times, help eliminate static, are free of chemicals and will naturally help soften fabrics. You’ll wonder why waited so long to make the switch!

Directions: simply toss all 4 dryers balls into the dryer at the beginning of your drying cycle. If you would like to add the soft scent of lavender, simply remove dryer balls 10 minutes before then end of your drying cycle and add a few drops of our organic lavender oil to the balls and toss back in to finish drying!

Caution: if using essential oil to scent balls, please do so only the last 10 minutes of the cycle. If you add oil at the beginning of the cycle you risk the chance of burning the oil that can lead to fire.