Passive Diffuser Set


Share the scent of our aromatic organic lavender oil with this fun, new, and safe passive diffuser!



Bring the soothing scent of lavender into your home with this passive diffuser set. Its unique design allows for ease of use without the hassle of heat or electricity. Made from magnesium oxide and hemp, these chic diffusers allow the essential oil to absorb easily and gently scent the air.

Great for bathrooms, your bedside table, work desk, or anywhere else you would like to feel the calming effects of lavender.

Instructions: Place your diffuser on top of the wooden disc provided. Apply 5 – 6 drops of our organic lavender essential oil directly onto the diffuser and allow up to 5 minutes for oil to fully absorb. Reapply oil once scent is no longer noticeable.

Set includes one passive diffuser, 5 ml organic lavender essential oil, and one wooden disc.